In January of 2012, with a gift from the Mechanicsburg Club, the Mechanicsburg Club/Wildcat Foundation Scholarship Fund was established with The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC). While the Mechanicsburg Club continues to make significant and annual contributions to this scholarship fund, donations from others are also welcome.

Today, the fund’s value approaches $600,000. Annually, interest earned is drawn down allowing for four (4) graduating MASD seniors to each receive a Mechanicsburg Club/Wildcat Foundation Scholarship, each valued at $4,000; scholarship recipients are announced at Senior Awards Night.

All graduating MASD seniors, furthering their education in any course of study, and in any academic or technical/trade school, are encouraged to apply for the Mechanicsburg Club/Wildcat Foundation Scholarship. These awards are payed directly into the student’s account at their respective schools (two or four-year college or university, or a vocational or technical school).

2022 Scholarship Application

The Wildcat Foundation is pleased to announce a donor designated gift from Stock and Leader that will provide for a one time, $500 scholarship. This will be awarded to an MASD student pursuing their education in the study of law or education.

Stock and Leader Scholarship Application

For consideration, completed applications must be remitted to the MASD Counseling Center by 4PM on Friday, April 8.